Image of Unlaced


Image of Unlaced

The authors of these four completely different stories -- each with a corset as a major plot point, each one hotter than the last -- deliver fine erotic prose that's sure to satisfy. The heroines are believable and easy to identify with, and the heroes mean it when they say "forever." These four authors are erotic muses indeed!

In "The Ties That Bind," Burton gives a long-divorced couple, Lisa and Rick, the chance to do over the love they never really let go of. Haynes pens every middle-age woman's fantasy with "Undone." Be prepared to laugh when Margo finds out what Dirk does for a living! Heroine Cassandra learns that she doesn't need to face every situation with a "Controlled Response," in Hill's story. And John must help his beloved Meg destroy an evil sorceress's corset before she'll believe he loves her. Rossetti's "Rubies and Black Velvet" explores the line between enough and too much of a good thing. (Heat, Dec., 464 pp., $16.00)

Reviewed by: 
Rhomylly Forbes