Image of Unlacing the Innocent Miss


Image of Unlacing the Innocent Miss

McPhee adds a sexually charged adventure story to the Silk and Scandals continuum that is not only compelling, but poignant. Though some may find a few plot points repetitive, the overall pace and likable characters provide plenty of solid entertainment and will have fans of the series eagerly awaiting next month’s installment.

The Gypsy strikes out at Rosalind (Wardale) Meadowbrook by framing her for theft. Unable to prove her innocence, Rosalind snatches an incriminating letter and is fleeing to Scotland when she is captured by the renowned thief-catcher Wolf, hired by her employer. Life has taught Wolf to despise the gentry and he believes Rosalind fits into the category of spoiled nobility. However, as they make their way back to London, Wolf realizes she may be different. Though Rosalind fears for her life and tries to run when the opportunity presents itself, she is drawn to Wolf. After a harrowing experience, Rosalind turns to Wolf for comfort that ignites their simmering passion. However, love cannot overcome duty and pride until Wolf learns the complete truth and to trust in his heart. (HARLEQUIN, Nov., 300 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin