Now that fianci Sam Drivers ex-wife Sheila is in town, Melanie Travis is determined to make the best of it. Besides, she has other things on her mindher champion Standard Poodle, Faith, is about to have her first litter. Sheila and partner Brian Endicottan old friend of Sams who makes him very tensehave just founded Woof!, a new dog magazine that intends to expose the seamy side of the dog world. Both Sam and Melanie have misgivings, but wish Sheila and Brian well.

The day that Woof! is published brings tragedy, for Sheila is murdered. The police think its a random act of violence but Melanie and Sam disagree. There is evidence that Sheila knew her intruder, but the police discount it. Melanie launches her own investigation and when another murder occurs, she realizes that what she learns may change her life forever.

Once again, Laurien Berenson gives us a fascinating tale of dogs and murder. Melanie, her young son Davey, her Aunt Peg, and Sam are all wonderful characters. This is a strong entry in a popular series and the surprising ending will leave fans on tenterhooks. (Sep., 304 pp., $20.00)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg