Image of Unleashed


Image of Unleashed
When Jess Beane meets Rick Marshall in a San Francisco bar, she's ready to celebrate. After a disastrous past she's made a new future for herself as a designer of luxury handbags, and her business is taking off. Rick, who's been working on a murder case, needs some downtime and a sexy woman. They spend a wonderful night together, but when Rick wakes up, Jess, his car and vital evidence in the murder case are missing. Rick finds her and she tells him that her criminal ex probably stole the car. They take off after him on a journey that takes Jess back to Texas and all the mistakes of her past. Romance, great characters and humor all combine in Unleashed (4.5), by Lori Borrill. This wonderful story is one you will probably want to reread.
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Page Traynor