Image of Unleashed (The Gemini Men)


Image of Unleashed (The Gemini Men)

The Gemini Men concludes with Danny's story, which will have you breathing heavily -- from the suspense and the sexual action. Ruthless villains provide
a different twist on human trafficking
in this terrifying tale of deception and greed. Strong writing and a solid story make this book hard to put down. Too bad we're out of Taggart brothers; this has been a great series.

Danny, the oldest Taggart brother, is hard-bodied and hardheaded. When that hard head butts up against the woman he almost married more than a decade ago, he isn't on his best behavior. Caroline doesn't know who else to turn to when she becomes the prime suspect in her husband's murder. When she finds a connection between her dead husband and Danny's long-lost mother, Caroline hopes that will convince P.I. Danny to help her clear her name. Their sizzling chemistry is still there, but so is the distrust that caused them to break up years ago. Danny finds that things, and people, are often not what they seem. (BRAVA, Oct., 384 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan