Image of Unleashed


Image of Unleashed

The characters in these stories meld well together. It’s a little like a cliffhanger on every page. This is a unique bunch of animals, living in a new world order. These shapeshifters are sexy and out of this world, even with all of their flaws and claws.

In “Hunting Temptation,” Earth has been torn apart by biological warfare. Kienan Vaughn is a spook who has decided to come in from the cold. While visiting his cousin, he meets his mate, Gea Craven, a PI in New Chicago. Quillian North has all types of business, including a high-end brothel on the banks of the New Chicago River. Gea is mated to both men. As they try to make the threesome work, they must learn to give up control and enjoy each other. In “Reclaiming Temptation,” Tam is a grifter on the run from the world’s top gangster, Stefan. Sophie is Tam’s younger sister, and Tam must save her from Stefan. Stefan is forcing her to steal the queen’s crown jewels. Tam’s lover and mate, Constantine Breckenridge, must save them both. (APHRODISIA, Oct., 324 pp, $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Laura Ellis