Image of Unleashing the Storm (ACRO, Book 2)


Image of Unleashing the Storm (ACRO, Book 2)

This erotic romance delves deep into the paranormal world of ghosts and humans with special abilities. Croft's current heroine is an animal psychic with a few animal tendencies of her own. The duo writing as Croft moves this story along by building on and expanding relationships from their previous novel, Riding the Storm. Each page is filled with attitude, danger and sex that heats up fast and goes well beyond the norm -- including some spontaneous outdoor mating and brief homosexuality.

Animal psychic Kira Donovan is entering her yearly heat, when she must mate or die. ACRO special ability operative Ender has been sent to secure her place within their special team before ITOR gets to her first. But they must flee, with the bad guys hot on their heels every step of the way, stopping only long enough to take care of Kira's physical needs. Along the way, Kira worries about what will happen to her and the relationship she's forged with Ender once they arrive at their destination and she's no longer his problem. (Delta, Mar., 336 pp., $13.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen