The spectacular Nadine Miller adds a new jewel to her crown of excellence with another splendid love story set in Regency England.

They are certainly a most unlikely pair of lovers-he a handsome viscount and she a crusading reformer who puts words into deeds by running a children's sanctuary in the roughest part of London. But it's instant fire when Miss Tess Thornhill storms Viscount Sanderfield's place of residence to protest an increase in rent proposed by his man of business.

Neither, of course, is willing to admit, or even recognize, their mutual attraction. Afraid that his interest is dishonorable in the extreme, Tess is truly shocked when the viscount shows up on her doorstep. Is he really interested in the plight of the children, or are his attentions a ploy to win her body?

Ms. Miller triumphs once more with an exceptional plot and superlative characterization. Place this gem on your collector's bookshelf. (Apr., 224 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer