The brilliantly versatile Gail Eastwood changes pace once again to bring us a frothy Regency delight spiced with piquant characters and touching emotion.

Cambridge scholar Lord Gilbey Kentwell has no delusions of social grandeur, but when his best friend begs his assistance to help keep an eye on his madcap twin sisters at a country houseparty, he cannot refuse. So the lowly viscount finds himself in high company as a plethora of earls plus a marquess and a duke pay court to the beautiful heiresses.

Faced with such a momentous decision, the Ladies St. Aldwyn, Venetia and Vivian, set out to test the mettle of their suitors. Why is it, though, that their eyes constantly turn toward Gilbey instead of the more eligible bachelors? And why does Gilbey find himself looking back?

Ms. Eastwood brings a fresh clarity to a familiar premise, charming us with beguiling characters and zesty interplay. (Aug., 221 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer