True to her upbringing, Honesty Maguire has the world fooled into thinking that her infamous father is still alivea trick she hopes will give her the time to discover the meaning of his last cryptic words.

Hot on the trail of Honestys father, Duncanthe best con man alivePinkerton Agent Jessie Justiss finds himself stranded and broke in her town. He trades his skills with a hammer for lodging until his hidden talent for music is discovered and he agrees to give a one-night only performance with Honesty, the sweetest songbird in the West.

The event successfully pulls in her fathers enemies, but her attempt at solving the mystery lands her in their clutches, setting up a series of role reversals and rescues for Honesty and Jessie.

Laugh out loud funny, Rachelle Morgans newest is a must-have for that hot summer night! With some help from Ace and Mustang Annie, the Pinkerton agent gets his woman, but not before she leads him over half the country in some of the rowdiest ruses yet! SENSUAL (Aug., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black