AN UNLIKELY MATCH (4) by Arlene James: Summoned to Chatam House by his aunts, attorney Asher Chatam is soon working for Ellen Monroe. Ellie and her grandfather, Kent, are staying at Chatam House until their home, which was damaged in a fire, can be repaired. Though the plan hatched between Ellie and Asher’s sister is to give Kent and Asher’s Aunt Odelia a chance to rekindle a long-ago romance, it is Ellie and Asher who develop feelings for one another. Will the circumstances surrounding the fire as well as Asher’s former marriage cause him to reject the love Ellie has for him? Another entertaining Chatam House story with a delightful older man/younger woman romance, as well as a secondary love story of long-parted sweethearts.

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley