Brilliant! This novella about forgiveness will put readers’ hearts through the wringer. Evan is by far one of the best heroes this reviewer has ever read and readers will swoon for the way that this reformed man thoughtfully pursues both Lady Elaine’s forgiveness and her heart. Furthermore, Lady Elaine is easy to sympathise with and cheer for as she faces down the censure of her peers. Milan’s talent for writing multidimensional characters and vibrant settings is put to excellent use in this story that will surprise and delight.

A decade ago Evan Carlton, Earl of Westfeld, fled the ballrooms of London in shame. He was full of self-loathing because with his teasing, he had turned the girl of his dreams, Lady Elaine Warren, into a social pariah. Now Evan has returned to England, desperate to make amends to the outcast spinster. Elaine is shocked when her old tormentor sauntered back into the ballroom. But nothing could prepare her for the surprise she feels when Evan reveals he wants to marry her. Will Elaine be able to forgive Evan, and can he convince her that his proposal is real? (SELF-PUBLISH, May 2011, dl. $.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Whitney Kate Sullivan