Image of Unlucky


Image of Unlucky

With original, smart and comedic writing, DeLeon delivers a three-dimensional hero and heroine, a community of offbeat secondary characters, a complex and intriguing plot with a hint of the paranormal and a fascinating peek into the world of casino poker.

Mallory Devereaux is known for changing a man's luck -- from good to bad -- with little more than a handshake. That's why she's so valuable to her uncle, the owner of a casino boat in Royal Flush, La., and the host of a poker tournament for an assortment of local criminals. Mal's uncle wants her to "cool" cards for him so the crooks don't win their money back. If she does her job well, she'll get a cut of the profits.

What Mal didn't count on was undercover agent Jake Randoll stepping onto the boat as a dealer, and Jake sure didn't count on Mal being a distraction. He has a money launderer to catch, but how can he resist touching a woman as clever and beautiful as Mal? Then again, he needs luck on his side and, given Mal's "skills," how can he risk a single caress? (LOVE SPELL, Nov., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Marilyn Weigel