For a supposedly washed-up druid with damaged magical power, Connor Grey certainly seems to be a person of interest to a number of fey VIPs. With the past coming back to bite several characters in the butt, this particular book focuses on relationships and consequences. Peeling back layers in Del Franco's mystifying Weird series only whets the appetite
for more.

Following the possible destruction of the land of the dead, TirNaNog, quite a few of the Fey Dead are now trapped in Boston. This is leading to some nasty confrontations between solitary Fey and the Dead.

Connor is called in by his friend Lt. Murdock when a headless Dead body turns up. As they investigate, it becomes clear that political forces are at work. And as the dark mass in Connor's brain that hinders his powers continues to grow, he hunts for answers as to what it is and what he may be becoming. With the Taint still infecting Fey in the Weird, manipulations of people and events could lead to dire consequences.

(ACE, Feb., 338 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith