Someone is trying to kill Kit Schofield, and she has no idea why. After one nearly successful attempt, she visits Spirit Lake, where she owns a resort property run by her grandmother and aunt. But the attacks continue, and Kit is warned by the ghosts of her long-dead mother and her true love that the danger is not over.

With Kit is her former stepsibling and longtime crush Bart Thornton, who has vowed to protect her from the unseen danger—and also to make Kit stop thinking of him as a brother. As Lloyd plays out the mystery of who killed Kit's mother, Laila, and her lover, Raoul, she neatly builds the tension between Kit and Bart.

Lloyd makes excellent use of her isolated Canadian setting, which enhances not only the mystery but also the love story. The love scenes between Kit and Bart and Laila and Raoul provide a double dose of romance for readers prepared to believe in lusty ghosts. (Mar., 118 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Donna Carter