Image of Unravel Me (Berkley Sensation)


Image of Unravel Me (Berkley Sensation)

A solid and lovely romance, this novel kicks off a series about three sisters with great characters and a strong storyline. Ridgway also looks at grief and mourning, and how people cope and move on in life, without overwhelming the story. Deftly done, Ms. Ridgway.

Juliet is a general's widow. Vilified in the press because of the big difference in their ages and rejected by his family and friends, she has retreated to a house in Malibu, where she's isolated in her grief. The only company she has is the general's aide, Noah, who's stood by her and helped her throughout her ordeal. Noah also happens to be a young hunk of an ex-soldier turned law student.

Juliet's shell starts to crack with the discovery of two sisters she never knew about. Then she sees Noah swimming nude and has feelings she never thought she'd have again. But all is not coming up roses. Every time Juliet starts to feel it's OK to live again, something smacks her down. And how long does she have until Noah moves on with his life and leaves her alone? Can she trust her newfound sisters? Or herself? (Berkley Sensation, Nov., 294 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan