Needlework shop owner Betsy Devonshire has been having nightmares and needs a break. She and buddy Jill Cross, a local cop, head to northern Minnesota to attend a stitching convention that should be relaxing and fun.

On her first day there, Betsy settles down to do some knitting in the lodge lobby and meets another needleworker. Later that day she goes to her room and discovers the womans corpse on her bed! She leaves the room immediately to get help but when she returns, she discovers not the dead woman, but Jill, taking a nap.

Betsy is confused and upset, especially since no one else has seen the woman Betsy claims to have met. When a guest teacher never shows up, Jill and Betsy realizes there is something wrong at the stitching convention. Using sleuthing skills as finely honed as their needlework skills, they soon discover the truth behind the mysterious doings.

The suspense runs high in UNRAVELED SLEEVE as Monica Ferris spins a delightfully deceptive tale. Those of us who love needlework will also appreciate the cross-stitch pattern thats included, bound to get all the creative juices flowing. (Jul., 256 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg