Matilda Frances Arnold was forced by her guardians to marry the kindly, but very old, Viscount Winter. Now widowed and wealthy, Lady Winter doesn't want to chaperone her young cousin as she visits a suitor's estate. She also has no interest in marrying again.

Bur her cousin's tearful appeal changes Tilda's mind. The situation isn't helped by the presence of the Duke St. Ormond, Crispin Malvern, the only man who attracted Tilda during her season—until he'd assessed her rudely to his friends.

Crispin needs to marry to beget an heir, and he's chosen Tilda's cousin. But the chaperoned visit becomes something else when he's smitten by the chaperone. This adroitly written, expanded Regency nicely handles the requisite touches of humor at the expense of the pompous and offers an independent heroine, an appealing secondary love story and a highly suitable, ducal hero. SENSUAL (Mar., 304 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger