Denver police officer Lucy Olivera is soon to be married to hunky fellow officer Ruben del Fierro, but her happiness is marred by the fact all Olivera first marriages always end in divorce. While Lucy and Ruben make it through the ceremony, Lucy bolts shortly afterward, followed by lifelong friends Mercedes, Cristina and Annette. Together, the women decide that something is lacking in all of their lives and embark on a quest to find Tilly, a spiritual healer whose last known address was somewhere in New Mexico.

Their lengthy journey is marked by comical moments, such as Manhattanite Mercedes hiking in stilettos and mother of five Annette scaring off bears. As they search for the woman they believe will fix what is missing in their lives, these four discover that the bonds of their friendship provide more healing power than they ever believed possible.

Sandoval's novel is spiced with humor and grounded in the ups and downs of realistic relationships. Engaging until the very last page, this novel will find women everywhere identifying with its enigmatic characters. (Jun., 336 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick