To Naomi, Ruth was the quintessential daughter-in-law, and one of the most unlikely women to change eternity. She may have lost a husband, but gained faith that has transformed her life. Shed experienced the silence of Moabs gods and then found the grace of the God shed come to know through Naomi, the mother of her heart. When Naomis husband dies, the family now has three widowed women. How will they survive? Ruths biological family urges her to return, but she cannot leave her newfound God or Naomi. Ruth chooses to return with Naomi to her husbands childhood home in Bethlehem.

Boaz is not as handsome as Ruths husband, Mahlon, had been, but there is kindness in his eyes, and he is generous. How could the richest man in Bethlehem possibly be interested in a Moabite, the poverty-stricken widow who gleans from his fields? Besides, Rishon is next in line to redeem the family land, and with it would come Mahlons wife.

It is wonderful to read this beloved Biblical story in novel form! Francine Rivers spins a tale thats not only true to history, but satisfying to the heart. With Unshaken, the third in her A Lineage of Grace series, readers can savor not only an engrossing, well-written, beautiful novella, but a Bible study as wellone that readers will love, and learn from! (Mar., 175 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Roberta Blair