Upon hearing that vicious killer Carl Herbold has escaped from prison, drifter Jack Sawyer returns to East Texas and the Corbett ranch. Everyone knows that Carl and Cecil Herbold hate their stepfather Delray Corbett intensely and have threatened to kill him, but law enforcement officials figure that Carl is too smart to return just for vengeance. Jack isnt so sure. Keeping a protective eye on Delray, his deaf daughter-in-law Anna and grandson David is the best Jack can do.

Since his sons untimely death, Delray has shut out most of the world. Annas feelings of isolation are compounded by her inability to hear. Six-year-old David has no fear about joining the world, and immediately forms a bond with Jack. Building a friendship with Jack awakens emotions Anna thought were long dead. But she also senses dark secrets hidden behind his compelling eyes.

Despite retirement, former sheriff Ezzy Hardge is obsessed with solving a 22-year-old murder case. Carl and Cecil were and still are the prime suspects. With both of them on the loose and on a killing spree, Ezzy has a terrible feeling that the past and present are about to collide.

Gritty, edgy and ripe with tension, UNSPEAKABLE continues Ms. Browns evolution into an outstanding purveyor of nerve-shattering suspense. Chilling and thrilling! (Sep., 448 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith