UNSPOKEN, the fourth of five novellas, is the story of Bathsheba, masterfully written by Francine Rivers. Just the right amount of Biblical history and creative fiction balance this romantic story. Yes, it truly is a romance.

Bathsheba has loved David since she was a young girl. But David is a king and would never want someone such as her. Chastised by her mother and about to enter an arranged marriage, Bathsheba struggles with her feelings. On her wedding day to Uriah, Davids presence only seems to cause her heart to ache more.

One day, while Uriah was off fighting in battle, Bathsheba was in her backyard, when David noticed her and feelings began to stir. She was beautiful. But David already had several wives and Bathsheba was married. In an effort to obtain his hearts desire, Davids weakness and sin is well known. But what happens afterward is such a story of love, honor, blessings and Gods amazing mercy and grace, that Bathshebas story becomes an inspiration for all women. (July, 215 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston