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Luc Ashford so closely resembles his twin brother that he takes it upon himself to answer Rachel Parrish's advertisement for a husband in his brother Henry's stead. Luc believes that Henry needs to settle down and find peace, and is determined that he will be able to do both with Rachel.

The daughter of a prostitute, Rachel Parrish shuns her mother's professions and resolves to build a home and claim the respect she so desperately needs. Advertising for a man seems the answer to her problems and Luc seems to fit in quite nicely.

But of course it isn't Luc she really weds, and Henry turns out to be more of an enigma than a comfort. At first embittered, the disgraced earl refuses the opportunity marriage offers him, yet he slowly comes to admire his wife - even buying her a glorious hat the day after their wedding night.

Their marriage is a tug of war as Rachel's need for love wars with Henry's feelings of worthlessness and his hatred of prostitutes. It seems that they will need a miracle to find a way to ease the pain of the past, see themselves as worthy of love and forgive themselves for being only too human.

With great power and a true understanding of the human spirit, Connie Rinehold sweeps readers up in a glorious and meaningful love story that transcends constraints of the genre. UNBROKEN VOWS is a beautiful novel that touches the soul with immense emotional depth. Kudos to Ms. Rinehold for a tour de force! SENSUAL (Feb., 350 pp., $4.99)

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