Image of An Unsuitable Bride (Blackwater Brides)


Image of An Unsuitable Bride (Blackwater Brides)

Readers will be entranced as Feather infuses her protagonists with intelligence, wit and maturity — along with a dose of sensuality and a small fascination with antiquarian books. What a wonderful and satisfying conclusion to The Blackwater Brides series.

Upon her father’s death, Alexandra Douglas and her sister are disinherited and declared illegitimate. The family estate, Combe Abbey, goes to a distant cousin whom Alexandra has never met, along with a collection of rare books. Alexandra secures a position posing as dowdy Mistress Hathaway, a librarian at the Abbey, and plots to reclaim her inheritance. When Peregrine Sullivan arrives to spend time with a friend, he can’t shake the feeling that this drab female is not what she appears. He soon uncovers her charade and their relationship evolves into desire. But Alexandra’s scheme is not without repercussions, which could put an end to their future. (POCKET, Aug., 465 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond