THE UNSUNG HERO (4) by Alison Roberts: After her sister died, Sarah is given custody of her young nephew, Josh. When Josh gets leukemia, Sarah will do anything to help him even if it means hunting down his absentee father in order to get a bone marrow transplant. When Sarah does find the biological dad, Rick Wilson, he is completely shocked that a one night stand almost 10 years ago resulted in Josh. Once Rick does know he is the father, he immediately agrees to the bone marrow transplant to help save Josh. But what turns out to be a beginning of father and son meeting gets complicated when Rick realizes he has developed strong feelings for Sarah. Her warmth and care for Josh starts Rick thinking about happily-ever-afters. Can he convince Sarah that he has reconsidered his former bad boy ways and is ready to settle down? While Sarah and Rick meet under less-than-ideal circumstances, they bond quickly over the love of a child. The way that they work together to make sure that Josh is taken care of is amazing and will melt anyone’s heart. 

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne