With her beauty, brains and natural sensuality, con artist Lady Barbara Chamberlain is positive she can convince Lieutenant Zachariah Morgan of her relationship to his mother and help herself to some of Louisa Morgan's fortune to get her brother out of prison. Barbara doesn't count on Zach being devilishly handsome, or that there will be a palpable attraction between them that flares into searing passion. Suddenly the seductress becomes the seduced.

Once Zach uncovers the truth about Barbara, however, his anger overshadows his desire. Not only must Barbara prove her love is real, the two must find a way to evade a treacherous adversary.

Lovelace weaves military history, including fascinating details about Andrew Jackson and the plight of the Native Americans, into a love story as untamed as the wild Indian Territory. She brings readers another powerfully emotional story, sweeping you into her characters' lives and holding you captivated. SENSUAL (Sep., 300 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin