Image of Untamed


Image of Untamed

Jordan dives right in to the hot stuff,
and does very well. This is not a book to be read in a public place -- your blush will certainly give you away. But this duology isn't all great. Readers get twice the hot sex an erotic romance provides, but two shorter stories also means there's not as much character development or complex plotting.

In "Stolen Temptation," Delilah Chase, a shapeshifting lynx and a professional thief, is caught by her victim, a shapeshifting hawk. Hunter strikes a bargain with her: Stay with him for a week and he won't turn her in. Delilah agrees, but will a week of unadulterated passion turn into true love, or will she do what she's trained for, steal Hunter's ruby and demolish his heart?

"Deadly Temptation" introduces us to Lorelei, Delilah's sister, a mink shifter, former prostitute and the owner of a techno brothel. Lorelei is attracted to two men: Peirce, a federal agent and customer, and Nolan, her employee and an assassin. Will Lorelei break her own rules against getting involved with the help or the customers, or will she let the two most important men in her life walk away? (APHRODISIA, Nov., 304 pp, $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton