Image of Untamed Highlander: A Dark Sword Novel


Image of Untamed Highlander: A Dark Sword Novel

Grant’s newest Dark Sword tale is outstanding, with its delightful melding of history and the effect of centuries-old Druid magic. Wonderful characters with depth, charm and sensuality and a dark, brilliantly told tale brimming with emotion and sexual attraction all captivate.

Hayden Campbell and the MacLeods, along with a band of Druids, free all the captives of the ruthless witch Deirdre. But they find a grievously wounded woman among the dead. When she is brought to the MacLeods’ castle the Druids are unable to revive her because of the magic Deirdre used to attack her. Hayden, who has spent centuries killing surviving droughs (Druids who gave their souls to the devil), feels torn between killing the drough Isla and fighting to save her life. It is agreed that she will leave after she recovers. Isla was forced to become Deirdre’s drough. As she slowly recovers, Hayden’s wavering emotions and growing attraction to Isla are tearing him apart. The Druids continue their fight against the surviving droughs, with Isla aiding them, while Hayden hopes their love will overcome evil. (ST. MARTIN’S, May, 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin