Determined to break the curse that has made him neither man nor beast, Jackson Wulf is hunting a witch. He believes killing one will release him from torment.

When he finds Lucinda, she's in the throes of labor. He helps deliver her son, Sebastian. He cannot kill a new mother, so they strike a bargain: He will let her live if she discovers the means to set him free.

Months later, Lucinda has made herself at home in Jackson's London townhouse. He's stunned to find her there, but when circumstances arise that endanger Lucinda and her son, they marry and slowly find the passion and love each has sought.

But Lucinda fears that her powerful enemy, Lord Cantley, who drugged and raped her and fathered her child, will bring his wrath down on Jackson. As their love grows, so does the threat from Cantley, who will not rest until he possesses Lucinda. Only the power of their love gives then the strength to set themselves free from their enemy and the curse.

Thompson cleverly blends paranormal elements into a fine-tuned historical romance with well-crafted characters and a tender, blossoming romance. This novel will appeal to both fans of Thompson's Wulf series as well as straight romance readers. SENSUAL (May, 356 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin