Can two men from the 20th century find happiness with two women from the past? Its quite a struggle. Some readers may find that too much time is spent with Rafe and Craig in the present before they make the time travel leap and that the paranormal elements override the time travel aspects of the novel. Though there is plenty of adventure, this reader wanted more emphasis on time travel and less of the Ketchums.

Captain Raford Strictor and Craig Blackstone, rangers in the Bolivian jungle, are at the end of their ropes. Craig is severely wounded by snipers, and Rafe orders air attacks on his area, condemning them both to death.

Lorilie McCauley and her friend Marica are known as gifted in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California in 1847. Marica is a healer and Lorilie communicates with animals. Mountain people like the Ketchums, with low intellect and even lower morals, say Lorilie is a witch. However, the Ketchum men relentlessly pursue her for information about her grandfather's hidden gold.

Evading the Ketchums, Lorilie escapes and finds herself in a secret cave with two men, one mortally wounded and the other trying to save his life. She has no idea that they have traveled from the 20th century into her time.

(Feb., 371 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis Greer