Image of Until the Day You Die


Image of Until the Day You Die

This dark, extremely suspenseful story has an exceptionally twisted, yet intelligent villain. The minor thread of the heroine's romance with a younger man is nicely portrayed. Although interesting, the switch from the first-person voice of the heroine to the third-person view of other characters can be distracting.

When Maggie Fletcher finds her sister, Dana, beaten, raped and near death, she is sure the man who has been stalking Dana is responsible. When she dies, Maggie is faced with the fact that there is not enough evidence to convict her killer, so Maggie lies about what she saw the night Dana was attacked.

Though the killer goes to prison, someone is still threatening and harassing Maggie. She leaves town, takes her son and creates a new life for them. But three years later, the killer is out of prison, and Maggie, as well as those she loves, are his target. (St. Martin's, Jul., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley