Bart Beaumont, the heir to a vast fortune, is not a very romantic hero. He's been transported from the year 2000 to 450 AD.

A mystical entity entrusts him with an amulet that gives him superhuman strength and endurance because Bart has a mission: He must rescue a wealthy Celt woman and her young brother from a Germanic marauder and see them safely home to Cornwall.Their journey is on foot, and it's slow-going for characters and readers alike. Romance blossoms, but when Bart's not trying to convince his lady fair to give up her maidenhood, he courts her by explaining cars and planes and modern appliances.

However, history buffs will thrill to the details of the time period shortly after the Romans left "Briton." The author clearly knows the era and skillfully inserts many interesting tidbits, from social customs to topography to religious beliefs. (Feb., 333 pp., $11.95)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Harrison