Multi-talented Johanna Lindsey ventures into the realms of time-travel romance with one of the year's most amusing and delightful of tales.Cleverly crafted, wonderfully told, and brilliantly plotted, UNTIL FOREVER is a new twist on time-travel from Johanna Lindsey. It's sensual, exciting captive/captor romance with a whole new turn sure to enthrall Ms. Lindsey's fans. This is a fun venture into another dimension designed to satisfy both contemporary and historical romance readers. Brava!

When staid history professor Rosaleen White holds the ancient Viking sword known as "Bloodrinker's Curse" in her hands, she has no idea that she controls a mighty Viking warrior. Unbeknown to Rosaleen, she summons Thorn Bloodrinker's spirit from Odin's Valhalla banquet to her English cottage.

Cursed to obey the command of any woman who calls him, Thorn is perplexed by the sword's new owner. She does not ask him to use his powers for greed, for blood lust or even as her lover. No woman has been interested in him as a person before.

Rosaleen views Thorn's arrival as an opportunity to go back in time to 1066 and the Battle of Hastings, when the Normans conquered the Saxons and took control of England. However, she learns that by moving through time, she and Thorn have altered the battle's outcome. Not only did William lose, but as a result all of history has been changed; even her own life is now completely different in the 20th century.

Thus Rosaleen and Thorn must set history back on course, and even falling passionately in love cannot change their determination. As they work to right the past, Rosaleen knows that she, and she alone, has the power to release Thorn from the curse, but only if she is willing to sacrifice their love.

(June, 416 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin