Image of Until It's Gone  (Wounded Warriors Series, Book 5)


Image of Until It's Gone  (Wounded Warriors Series, Book 5)

Book five of the Wounded Warrior series packs an emotional punch. The characters are deeply scarred from childhood tragedies but are trying to redeem themselves. Two parallel storylines take place simultaneously, and Wiesner seamlessly switches between them. The outcome of this book is warm and satisfying and lingers after the last page is read.

For 20 years, Mitch Taylor had been an undercover DEA agent and was in so deep that being arrested was necessary to protect his cover. Now, after 19 months in jail, he's being released. He used his time in prison to grow stronger physically and emotionally, but he's completely unprepared for the shocking news a former lover has for him.

Brenda Bennett has always loved Mitch, but their time together was complicated because of Mitch's work. Brenda has life-changing news for Mitch, but she's unsure how he will react. Will Mitch put his past behind him and grab onto the happiness that's staring him in the face? (UNCIAL, Oct., 215 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Barb Anderson