This book is incredibly unique. Half of the story is set in heaven among famous angels, and the other half takes place in Ireland in 1810. It is fun getting to know the two main characters' respective identities, both their angel selves and their human selves. However, while the adventures and romance set in Ireland are a joy to read, the heaven-set scenes rely too heavily on clichés to keep readers' attention.

Soul mates, Emily and Matt, are teen angels trained as a team for the difficult task of visiting earth to help people. Neither one realize that when they go down to earth, not only will all of their angel memories be erased, but Emily and Matt will also feel human emotions that will cause them to question everything. When Emily, now Liz, falls in love with someone else, can she and Matt still be able to help humans, or will love — the most difficult human emotion of all — get in the way? (TRIBUTE BOOKS, January 2012, 295 pp., 9780983741855, 12 & up)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Nori Morganstein