Image of Until Paris (Love Letters)


Image of Until Paris (Love Letters)

This tale of love and sex in the late 1800s will definitely speak to readers who like their erotic stories with a fair share of historical accuracy. Trubody does an excellent job of grounding this tale in historical fact. Wills is one of the first gynecologists, which adds a depth and complexity to the plot and works to ground his motivations in realism. (It is also certainly the first time that this reader has encountered that career between the pages of a historical erotic romance.) However, the stunning conclusions that Wills comes to about how to save their sex life makes a normally taboo sex act almost “vanilla.” Their solution is born out of the mutual desire to find a way to make passion in their relationship work regardless of what others may think. Honestly, this is one of the most romantic erotic novellas I have ever read.

Emma and Wills have the perfect marriage, complete with a vibrant sex life. But when a miscarriage threatens Emma’s life, her doctor husband Wills knows that another pregnancy will result in her death. He is determined to do whatever it takes to protect his beloved wife — including taking a vow of celibacy and relocating to Bath. Emma is unable to live with this decision. After Wills refuses to respond to Emma’s slew of pleading, demanding and heartbroken letters begging him to return to her side, Emma decides to move to Paris. She makes a quick stop in Bath to tell Wills goodbye for the last time. However, Wills has found a solution to their problem, one that will make separation unnecessary. Now all he has to do is convince Emma that he truly wants them to stay together — forever. (ELLORA'S CAVE, Feb. 2012, dl., $4.45)

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Whitney Kate Sullivan