Ruth Grayson is on a mission to get all of her kids married. At the top of the list is her oldest son Luke. She arranges 27 dates for him, so its almost a relief when Luke returns to his cabin late one night to find a gun trained on him by Catherine Stewart, a best-selling author and child psychologist.

Catherine is in Santa Fe to relax a little before giving a series of lectures and a few book signings. For months, shes been feeling as though shes going crazy: she remembers buying coffee but cant find it, her bed is made and she cant remember making it. She confides in Luke, who vows to find out whats happening.

They fall for each other. Luke asks Catherine to marry him, but she refuses because of a long-held secretone that caused her first fianci to leave her.

With the help of his loving family, Luke comes up with a plan to make the love of his life his forever. How does his mom feel about his choice for a mate? Just fine. Although Ruth arranged for Catherine to be date number 28, she was actually Ruths No. 1 all along. It just goes to show that Mom really does know best.

Ms. Ray has given us a great novel again. Did we expect anything less than the best? (Aug., 256 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Chandra Y. Sparks