Addy Kane is more than ready to leave her small Illinois hometown and embark on a journey to the Colorado mining territory where she's accepted a teaching position. But when Addy is caught in the middle of a bank robbery and taken hostage only one man stands between her and brutality.

Ex-Confederate soldier Parker Cole doesn't know why, but he vows to protect the beautiful captive from the rest of the outlaws. Her courage and spirit touch something deep inside of him and when they meet again he reaffirms his promise to care for Addy.

Through abduction, a wild night in Abilene, an Indian attack, numerous separations and passionate reunions, Cole and Addy's love grows stronger and stronger.

The action never stops in Rosanne Bittner's intensely emotional romance. UNTIL TOMORROW is powerfully charged with thrilling escapades, colorful history, realism, romance and a pair of memorable characters who prove that love can indeed triumph over anything. Put this one alongside all those other Rosanne Bittner treasures. SENSUAL (Sept., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin