Although Christy Miller has been living in Switzerland and attending university for almost a year, she is still in love with her high school sweetheart, Todd Spencer. He and her best friend Katie are joining her for a three-week vacation touring Europe. Plans are complicated further when Antonio, a mutual friend and alumni exchange student of their high school, joins them and careens them into an impromptu camping trip in northern Italy. Things go from bad to worse and Christy becomes convinced that Todd no longer loves her.

Todd is indeed in love with Christy, but hes afraid living in Europe has changed her and that she is no longer interested in him. Katie feels like an interloper and Christy is sure their vacation and friendship will end in fiasco. Ms. Gunn weaves an entertaining travelogue to delight young adults and more mature romance readers. (Jun., 320 pp. $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Roberta Blair