The incomparable Judith McNaught returns to historical romance with the long awaited story of Stephen Westmoreland, Earl of Langsford, in a tale of heart-stopping romance brimming over with humor and compassion.

Though school teacher Sheridan Bromleigh dreams of the days when she wandered America with her father and their unconventional friends, she is now escorting Charise Lancaster to England to meet her fianc. But Charise runs off with another man, leaving Sheridan to break the news to the bridegroom.

It is not Charise's intended who awaits her arrival, but Stephen Westmoreland, who must tell her that her fianc is dead. Stephen believes the startling beauty is Charise and just as he relates the tragic news, she is struck unconscious by a falling crate.

Sheridan awakens in Stephen's home with no memory, save what he tells her-that she is his fianc, Charise. Sheridan believes Stephen, never knowing that it is guilt that has forced him to bend the truth. Now the sweet innocent must find a way to understand the devilishly handsome Englishman who is willing to find a "more suitable" husband for her.

With all her American grit and gumption Sheridan realizes that she will have to outwit Stephen if she is to win his love, but even after she lays claim to his heart the truth of her identity threatens to tear them apart.

UNTIL YOU is a delight that sparkles with Judith McNaught's very special brand of dazzling wit, passion, and tender sensuality. It is the ultimate pleasure to be reunited with the beloved characters from Ms. McNaught's previous romances, especially Whitney, My Love, as well as to be enraptured and enfolded in the warm arms of love by this endearing, eloquent love story you can hold close to your heart and cherish forever. SENSUAL (Apr., 448 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin