Image of Untouchable (Athena Force)


Image of Untouchable (Athena Force)
Born with skin that exudes a poison deadly to anyone who touches her, Lilith lives in a leper colony in India, far away from civilization. She learns she's the product of genetic experimentation and that her mother was the criminal mastermind Arachne. But she's not the only genetically altered child Arachne created, and Lilith's remaining "sister" is out to get her. Fortunately, she has former MI-6 agent Tarak Hammer-Smith to help her. Stephanie Doyle's Untouchable (4.5) is an excellent installment of the Athena Force line. The characters are well-drawn and the attraction between Lilith and Tarak is immediately apparent. Doyle skillfully moves the story toward what will surely be an exciting finale.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay