Image of Untouched


Image of Untouched

Rising star Campbell's second emotionally intense novel is reminiscent of early Laura Kinsale. Her flair for sensuality and darkness, wounded heroes and strong women, appeals to readers yearning for a powerful, sexy and emotionally moving addition to their keeper shelves.

Abducted and dragged to an isolated manor house, Grace Paget has no idea that she's been selected as a "gift" for the mad, imprisoned Lord Sheene. Sheene didn't ask for, nor does he want, the woman brought to ease his needs, but he's been a prisoner too long not to recognize Grace's desperate need for freedom.

Though not about to surrender to Sheene, Grace sees that he's not insane or cruel. She tempts Sheene, but he never loses sight of his plan to be free. Strengthened by love and passion, they will claim their liberty and rebel against the man who holds the key to freedom. (Avon, Dec., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin