Image of Untouched by His Diamonds


Image of Untouched by His Diamonds
UNTOUCHED BY HIS DIAMONDS (2) by Lucy Ellis: Serge Marinov likes his women hot, willing and without strings. And since Clementine Chevalier says she appreciates a man with money, Serge assumes she’ll welcome an opportunity to be his mistress without the messiness of romance. He issues an invitation to his penthouse suite in New York and makes it clear he’s willing to pay whatever price she demands to occupy his bed. But despite her flirtatious exterior Clementine isn’t interested in being a rich man’s plaything. In this uncomfortable version of Pretty Woman, the hero is only marginally more likable than the heroine, who has the irritating habit of sending mixed signals and then being dismayed at the result.
Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Madan