Tamar does not want to become part of the Jacob clan, but her mother has other ideas. Zimran wants her daughter to be one of Gods chosen people, not because she has faith in Yahweh, but because the family is blessed with wealth and prestige.

Tamar marries Er, the son of Judah and son of Jacob, and her life becomes a living hell. But Tamar has her faith in God. Unveiled portrays one of the Bibles lesser-known saints, Tamar, who is mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus. Although it is not a romance per se, Unveiled is a love story. Francine Rivers utilizes her expertise as master storyteller to unveil Tamars saga, a tale of deception, betrayal and ultimately hope. The book comes with a Bible study. (Apr., 200 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Roberta Blair