Image of Unveiled (Hqn)


Image of Unveiled (Hqn)

Milan hits her stride in a dark, emotionally intense romance that lures readers in like a fly to a spider’s web. Once readers begin they won’t want to stop allowing her three-dimensional characters and tangled plot to pull them into the depths of their passionate story. Here is a book not easily forgotten.

Ash Turner has waited years for revenge. Now, he has ruined the man who destroyed his family’s ability to hold a title and land. Arriving at Parford Manor, Ash takes his place as the duke’s heir and encounters the ailing duke’s “nurse,” his daughter, Margaret. Though her abusive father considers Margaret and her brother illegitimate, she cares for him while spying on Ash for her brother. She wants to despise Ash, but she feels that he is an outcast yearning for acceptance and love, just as she is. With their secrets and their desires at odds, Ash and Margaret struggle against their passion, but it is overwhelming and their love is the means to their salvation. Ash’s pure love empowers Margaret to take her rightful place in the world. (HQN, Feb., 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin