Image of Unwanted


Image of Unwanted

A fast-moving romance with appealing characters and a well-formed plot set in an alternate, medieval world. This is a good story with much of the paranormal evident in the character’s psychic powers. It’s a short yet complete read.

Reading the tarot for herself, librarian Ella Mack finds it hard to believe the future it foretells: a perilous trip and strange, dangerous man. Shortly thereafter, though, a car crash plunges her into the underworld and the arms of Stavos, Prince of Volstod. Could she be the one prophesied to bring ruin to Volstod? Or could marriage be a salvation for Stavos? Though Ella is not sure she believes it when Stavos tells her there’s no way to return to her world and that marriage to him is the only way she can be safe, danger soon finds her and she finds his help and his love to be undeniable. (ETERNALPRESS.BIZ, dl $4.50)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley