Image of Unwed and Unrepentant (Harlequin Historical\The Armstrong Sisters)


Image of Unwed and Unrepentant (Harlequin Historical\The Armstrong Sisters)

Kaye offers up another sexy romp, this time with characters who stay with fans long after the last page. From the first explosively intimate encounter through the resulting misadventures, both Lady Cordelia and Iain navigate a web of physical longing and the desire to outwit their common enemy, until continuing the deception means losing their chance at love. In between the staid shores of England and the searing Arabian Desert, Cordelia and Iain’s passion ignite into a choice between passion and duty.

Lady Cordelia is the black sheep of the Armstrong family. The only way her archrival and father will allow her back into the fold is if she weds his newest business partner. She has made her own life, but longs to reunite with her sisters, and agreeing to her father’s terms is the only way. Iain Hunter just wants to build ships, and Lord Armstrong’s connections will gain him both fame and wealth. When the man suggests his daughter as collateral, Iain isn’t prepared to see Cordelia, the woman he shared an illicit night with a year before. She is everything he wants, except to have her he will have to give up his life’s dream ... unless they can both figure out what is more important: passion, family or fame? (HARLEQUIN, May, 281 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black