Image of Unwept: Book One of The Nightbirds


Image of Unwept: Book One of The Nightbirds

In their novel, Unwept, book one of the Nightbirds, Tracy and Laura Hickman create a world so complex and dynamic that the reader will be surprised in every chapter. Nothing is as it seems and readers must come to their own conclusions as they are slowly given hints of the truth. Never predictable, the book introduces questions and unbelievable ideas from the first page. Neither the characters nor the reader know who to believe in the intricate and unbelievable world of Unwept, creating a novel that keeps the reader guessing until long after the final chapter. Readers will anxiously await the next installment in this unique, thrilling new series.

After a chilling dream set in her own grave, Ellis awakes on a train, able to remember nothing but her name, on the way to recover in Gamin, a town where she lived before. Although she has no memory of Gamin, everyone there seems to know her. Immediately upon arrival, she notices that many things in Gamin aren’t as they seem, but no one seems to want to explain anything to her, apparently out of concern for her fragile mind. She waits for the memories to return, but they only come in frustratingly small bits of knowledge, or as random flashbacks of terror without explanation. These memories and her startlingly real nightmares of a phantom man leave Ellis questioning her sanity. (TOR, Jul., 272 pp., $22.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annalee Schuck