Toombs kicks off the Underworld series with this rousing tale of treachery and magic. There's a lot of action packed into a very short story and an interesting cast of characters.

Lelani is betrothed to King Morsh, who's her father's age. Days before the wedding a sudden storm spooks her horse into a dark forest, and she awakens in an enchanted land, gazing into Colden's green eyes. After they make love he sends her home, but his ulterior motive is revenge. She looks back against his advice and sees a beast.

She marries Morsh and soon is pregnant; when the heir is born he has remarkable green eyes. Then her son becomes a small beast before her eyes and meets his twin in the park. When her father discovers Lelani's treachery, he banishes Colden and his sons into the Underworld. Will she follow them? (CRESCENTMOONPRESS.COM, dl $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown