Image of Unwound: The Mastered Series


Image of Unwound: The Mastered Series

The stunning conclusion to the Mastered duet takes the conflict between Amery and Ronin to new levels as they work through one misunderstanding after another. Many are thrown in their way by third parties, but only when honesty prevails can their bond be complete. James’ excellent writing skills come to the fore as she uses bondage as a conduit for both Amery and Ronin’s ultimate surrender.

Believing all is lost in his relationship with Amery Hardwick after his failure to open himself to her, Ronin Black sets himself up to take a beating in an MMA bout that would kill most men. When she learns of his condition, Amery becomes his lifeline, all the while trying to convince the broken man all is not lost between them. It’s a slow path to recovery, both physically and emotionally, especially when more secrets surface. Despite major conflicts brought on by Ronin’s ex-girlfriend and Amery’s business decisions, the couple work on building the trust they both desperately need. But interference from Amery’s friends and Ronin’s sister could possibly destroy everything they’ve rebuilt. (NAL, Apr., 384 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown